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Dear Fellow Texans and American Patriots:

         I am all about my faith, family, freedom, country and the people of the greatest country I've ever known, AMERICA.  Texas is my birth place and the home I love with my heart. AMERICA is the only home we have with nowhere else to run. We the People are the backbone of this nation. When AMERICA is weak, we are her strength to rebuild her stronger, bigger and greater than she ever has been. We have a responsibility to rise up and PROTECT AMERICA.  Our founding fathers gave us the right to fight for AMERICA knowing that she couldn't be saved without us. 



I am PRO...

U.S. Constitution,  Bill of Rights and the Laws of this great land.  I support our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights. 


I support the AMERICAN DREAM that lives within your heart and mind. Let those big ideas & dreams escape your mind into reality because God knows, I am living my dream to one day SERVE YOU.

I support VETERANS FIRST. We are forever in debt to those who served and those that continue serving our nation. Our AMERICAN SOLDIERS never make that sacrifice alone. Many of my family members have served this great nation since WWII. When they served, we served making unimaginable sacrifices with them. 

I support an AMERICA FIRST Economy. 

I support Small Business in TEXAS and AMERICA. 

I support TEXAS ENERGY.  I am a proud Oil & Gas wife. My husband works hard every day to help move production in our great STATE of TEXAS, the leader in Oil, Gas and other renewable energy sources. My family has been a part of fueling and moving the economy since our first Oil Lease with Phillips Petroleum in 1936. 

I support a SECURED BORDER and those that keep our homeland safe.

I support our ELDERLY FIRST and making sure that they're living the quality of life they deserve. They've paid the price in this life to live well.

I support PARENT'S CHOICE to fully govern the educational setting and curriculum their children receives from Pre-K to 12th. It's your child. It's your parental right of choice. 


I support REQUIRED E-VERIFY for all applicants during pre-employment screenings. 

I support the AMERICA FIRST INTEGRITY ACT (ACIA). You may ask, "What is the ACIA?" This is a piece of legislation that I will be presenting to you that targets dismantling corruption on all levels of government by implementing a federal public integrity unit in every state. 


In closing, I want...

Obamacare demolished. The Affordable Care Act is a national disaster and there's nothing about the ACA that's affordable.  

With Love, 

Tania Burgess 

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Tania Burgess is the declared Republican America First Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for the 32nd Congressional District of Texas.